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Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Farmers and Tiger's Child

Farmers and Tiger’s Child

Long ago, at the edge of the village lived a married couple with a modest home. they really want a child, but has not been married long god not give a child to them.

One day, they went to forest to fetch firewood for sale to the market. After getting enough firewood, they intend to go home, but soon they were headed to the road home, they spotted a tiger who looked bewildered child seeking its mother, then they came over and seduced the cub to go home with them. Finally after a while the tiger was to go with them and was given the name of the tiger.

After several years of educating and raising their tiger like their own child, and the tiger had grown into a tiger that smart. But shortly afterwards after an adult tiger, they are gived a boy. They are very happy, because for this they want it.

One day, they will go into the fields, before leaving they told the tiger to keep her brother at home with the good, then they went to farms.

After how long, they are at home dating a big snake that close to the brother of the tiger, tiger cut and beaten the snake and immediately pounced on the snake dies. Then the tiger reported this incident to the farmers. Farmers who panic seeing a bloody tiger's mouth, holding a scythe to cut the neck immediately went tiger dead. Then they ran to home. After got home his wife saw the bed where his son in sleeped before, and found the baby still in a state of deep sleep, the wife is happy and surprised to immediately notify her husband. When they wonder why the tiger's mouth is bleeding, then they look around their crib, there is a dead snake whose body was torn apart and blood scattered everywhere.

After having seen it, they realized that the tiger not to eat their children, but want to protect him from the big snake. They are very sorry for having killed the tiger, the tiger is certainly not guilty. Eventually they bury the dead tiger in their backyard. And they started a new life without Tiger.